Corporate Partnerships

In business it is advantageous to be on the cutting edge, to take risks. So too is it in education and in life. Why wait for another area community to bring Virtues Training and Service Learning to southeast Wisconsin? This effort has the potential to brighten the appeal of Sheboygan County. Corporations that support SLA will not only help foster academic excellence, they will help create a culture of social responsibility, integrity, and leadership right here in our community.

In order to accomplish this, SLA is seeking out strategic partnerships with local businesses. These service bearing partnerships will be collaborative, mutually beneficial and address community needs. Benefits to the businesses partnering with the Sheboygan Leadership Academy include:

  • Socially responsible approach to developing life-long community advocates
  • Promoting community service involvement across divergent societal groups
  • Directly impacting the development of the future leaders in the Sheboygan Community
  • Fostering excellence and ethics in the work place and community for generations to come
  • Promoting direct service benefits to underserved groups in our community

All financial support provided to SLA will be used solely for expenses associated with advancing the programs of this charter school.  At this time we are not asking for funds, but rather a commitment for a future amount that your business is willing to provide to support this initiative. Your commitment will allow us to continue the process of developing the Sheboygan Leadership Academy.

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