The Social Adolescent

Sheboygan Leadership Academy Seventh GradeIs there a lack of social opportunities in a small 4K-8 school?

Middle school students are the most social people I know! There are many social opportunities in our 4K-8 school. Our middle school offers students a chance to participate in Leadership Council, where students plan social as well as service projects for the entire school community. Parties and events are organized for students in grades 4K-8. Age appropriate dances are planned for middle school students with invitations extended to other middle school students from other schools. Other extra-curricular activities also offer opportunities for social interaction.

And, social opportunities for middle school age children are plentiful in all areas of the community. Unlike in the past, our social experiences are not strictly limited to the school setting.

As I always tell potential parents . . . your school decision is an education decision.

When choosing a school, look at:

  • what it offers academically
  • how it will prepare your child for higher education
  • the dedication, support, and training of the staff
  • the virtues/service component that will develop life long skills
  • the personalized attention of a small school.

Believe me, the social opportunities will take care of themselves!

What if my child wants to attend a larger middle school?

Early adolescence is a time of great change, but not the best time to change your school. Research indicates that adolescents are less likely to make good decisions now than when they were younger. Their reasons for choosing a school are far different from that of a caring adult.

Parents must make it clear that the educational choice is that of the parents, and the parents alone! This is not to say that adolescents should not be allowed to make any decisions, but not this one.