Are They Ready?

What happens to middle school students when they leave a small class of eighth graders and move on to a big high school?

I am often asked how our students fare when they leave a class of 15-20 students and enter a high school class of 400 students. My answer is simple . . . they do great!!

Here’s why. . . When students are in a small class, they are forced to take on leadership roles. If they want a school newspaper, they have to write the school newspaper; if they want a Leadership Council, they have to run for office; if they want a dance, they have to plan the dance. Because they have experience with all these leadership roles, it is natural that they step into these opportunities in high school. They have vast leadership experience. Our students often become involved in Leadership Council, band, newspaper publication, forensics, and much more at the high school level.

Our children enter high school self-confident, self-assured, and ready for the challenges ahead.

Why are students from a 4K-8 setting better prepared academically for high school?

A strong and challenging academic program is one of the many strengths of our school. Just like our students take on leadership roles in the extra-curricular life of high school, they also lead in academic excellence.

In a small 4K-8 setting, students benefit from a great deal of one-on-one attention and close tracking by teachers who have known them for years. A small school also allows for a great deal of parent involvement, communication between parents and teachers, and a mutual support system between school and home. As a result, students challenge each other to achieve academic success and honor roll recognition. Whereas peer pressure in many settings is a negative term, the peer pressure, in this case, is to excel.