Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum class size?
The maximum class size is 25 for grades Kindergarten through 8th Grade.  Our 4K maximum class size is 20.

Is bussing available?
Sheboygan Leadership Academy contracts with SASD to provide free bussing services to families who qualify based on the location of their residence throughout SASD neighborhoods including Cleveland.

Is a before and/or after school program be available?
A supervised before school program is available.  Students may be brought to school at 7:30 a.m. For students up to age 12, the Salvation Army Daycare is conveniently located across the street and  provides after school child care.

What are the hours for the 4K program?
The 4K program is held Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m.  If a family prefers that their child attends fewer than 5 days per week, this option is available.

Do you offer a half day Kindergarten?
Our Kindergarten program is a full day program.  However if a family prefers that their child attends only half the day, this option is available.

What types of technology are available to students?
All grades utilize computers in the classroom. Each middle school student has the use of a laptop.  In addition, Grades K through 8, as well as Middle School Math, Science, Language Arts and Literature all have Smartboards in the classrooms.

Is foreign language included in the curriculum?
Yes, Spanish is taught to all K through 8 children.

Do you offer hot lunch?
Yes, a nutritious hot lunch program is available as provided by SASD.

Does Sheboygan Leadership Academy serve a diverse student population?
We  embrace diversity.  In fact as of this writing, 23% of our enrolled students to date have diverse backgrounds.  A Spanish version of our Application for Admission is available for the convenience of Sheboygan’s Hispanic population.

What specialty subjects are offered to students?
All students participate in Art, Music and Physical Education.  Grades K through 8 also participate in Spanish.

Are extracurricular activities available?
Sheboygan Leadership Academy has extracurricular activities such as band lessons, piano lessons, Robotics Club, Chess Club, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Leadership Council. Future additions to our extracurricular activities may include Newspaper Club, Drama Club and athletic teams.

Do you charge tuition?
No, Sheboygan Leadership Academy is a public charter school.  There is no tuition cost to attend.