Message from Our Principal

A Message from Our Principal, Peggy Henseler

The Sheboygan Leadership Academy is a school that offers a “4K-8” education. Our children enter our school as four-year-old preschoolers and leave our school ready to enter the world of high school. More and more research is indicating that a K-8 (in our case 4K-8) school is the best school to educate both primary students and middle school age students. I believe it is important for all parents to know the values of a K-8 education. To that end, I have developed a series of articles highlighting the benefits of our K-8 school. The information I share in these articles is based on research and my own 37 years of educational experience (13 years teaching middle school students and 24 years as a principal). I encourage you to read on and explore the wonderful opportunities a K-8 school offers your child.